Wisdom in living comprises seeking God's wisdom through understanding human wisdom to live a meaningful and purpose life, even in the golden years. The ancient wisdom of Tao holds the key to applying the principles of life and living in this modern world. Do your best and make the most of what you have.
Wisdom in Living

Stephen Lau
TAO: The Way to Biblical Wisdom


Why Wisdom?
The Quest for Happiness
The Forms of Happiness
The Happiness Myths
Intelligence and Wisdom
Why Tao Te Ching?
A Book of Human Wisdom
The Reasons for Its Popularity
The Way
Why the Bible?
A Book of Divine Wisdom
The Authenticity of Biblical Truths
The Old Testament and the New Testament
Biblical Wisdom
Why Tao?
Why Less for More?
Why Human Wisdom?
Why Lao Tzu?
The Two Greatest Thinkers
The Differences and Similarities
Action Or the Mind

Chapter 1: The Creator
Chapter 2: Dualistic Existence
Chapter 3: An Empty Mind for Everything
Chapter 4: Heavenly Grace
Chapter 5: No Judgment, No Preference
Chapter 6: The Identity of the Spirit
Chapter 7: The Watcher and Observer
Chapter 8: Be Like Water
Chapter 9: Letting Go
Chapter 10: The Challenge
Chapter 11: The Invisible and the Intangible
Chapter 12: The Mysteries of What Is Within
Chapter 13: Success and Failure
Chapter 14: The Unfathomed Truth
Chapter 15: The Enlightenment
Chapter 16: Focusing on the Creator
Chapter 17: No Separate Self
Chapter 18: The Differences
Chapter 19: Self-Intuition
Chapter 20: The Creatorís Wisdom
Chapter 21: The Way
Chapter 22: Everything Is Perfect
Chapter 23: Nothing Lasts Forever
Chapter 24: Falling Short
Chapter 25: The Great Mystery
Chapter 26: Be Stable and Unmoved
Chapter 27: Pick Not, Choose Not
Chapter 28: Trusting the Creator
Chapter 29: Letting Go Control
Chapter 30: Simplify the Doing
Chapter 31: Forgiveness
Chapter 32: Beyond Words
Chapter 33: True Wisdom
Chapter 34: Like A Great Ocean
Chapter 35: Spreading the Truth
Chapter 36: The Natural Laws
Chapter 37: Everything in Its Natural Place
Chapter 38: The Contrived and the Natural
Chapter 39: Dependent on the Creator
Chapter 40: Being Born of Non-Being
Chapter 41: The Enigma
Chapter 42: Remaining in the Center
Chapter 43: Effortless Effort
Chapter 44: The Choices
Chapter 45: Perfectly Done
Chapter 46: Lasting Satisfaction
Chapter 47: Accomplish Without Striving
Chapter 48: Need to Do Nothing
Chapter 49: The Creatorís Mind
Chapter 50: Life and Death
Chapter 51: In the Heart of Every Being
Chapter 52: Finding the Origin
Chapter 53: Distracting Detours
Chapter 54: The Presence of the Creator
Chapter 55: In Natural Harmony
Chapter 56: No Longer Matters
Chapter 57: More for Less
Chapter 58: The Pure and Simple Way
Chapter 59: The Golden Mean
Chapter 60: Frying a Small Fish
Chapter 61: A Great Nation
Chapter 62: Abiding in the Creator
Chapter 63: The Present Moment
Chapter 64: A Small Step
Chapter 65: Humble Simplicity
Chapter 66: The Power of Humility
Chapter 67: The Three Essentials
Chapter 68: Not Seeking Our Way
Chapter 69: Become Our Own Enemy
Chapter 70: Easy to Find and Follow
Chapter 71: The Importance of Knowing
Chapter 72: In Awe of the Creator
Chapter 73: Nothing Slips Through
Chapter 74: Unnatural Fear of Death
Chapter 75: Never Really Live
Chapter 76: Soft and Yielding
Chapter 77: Like Bending a Bow
Chapter 78: The Paradox
Chapter 79: True Contentment
Chapter 80: Feeling Contented
Chapter 81: True Wisdom

The Essentials of Tao
No Expectation, No Fear
No Judgment, No Pain
No Over-Doing, No Stress
Living in the Present
Letting Go
The Practice of Tao
Total Awareness
Intense Presence
Simplicity in Life
Focusing on Others

The Role of the Human Mind
The Beginning of Spirituality
Believe to Understand
Seeking God
The Way to Biblical Wisdom
Intent to Seek
Seeking Biblical Knowledge
Growing in the Knowledge
Awakening Awareness
Deepening the Relationship